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JFoster when i join svrp 3.0 i get message you are not allowlisted why ? please help!

Jfoster i have submitted whitelistform when will i get response?

I cant join svrp 3.0 can u help plz bro

Hi @JFoster , I’m not sure How this works.
But can I know how to get whitelisted to SVRP 3.0 or 2.0.
Because when I try to get into the server it displays a error saying this “Connection rejected by JFoster’s server: You are not allowlisted.” Can you help me out please.

i need to allowlist sir i have soo much talent and im streamer

Check top post!

Bump, lots of new players coming!


Connection rejected by JFoster’s server: You are not allowlisted.

i cant join ur server

You need to be WL’d, head over to our website or discord.

i want to join

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