Sunset Roleplay | Whitelisted | Looking for Department Heads | 15+

Welcome to Sunset Roleplay!

Sunset Roleplay is a brand new whitelisted FiveM server!

Who are we?
Sunset Roleplay is a server based on realism and an enjoyable experience. SunsetRP is welcoming to all players of all calibers, whether you’re a Roleplay Veteran or brand new! We’ll guide you to become immersed in our server. Our age requirement is 15+.

Want to be apart of the action?

Apply for whitelist in our discord!

Public Discord: Sunset Roleplay: Public Relations

Optimized vMenu
Custom EUP
Custom Vehicles

Whitelisted Jobs:

[Looking for Heads for each department]

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sherriff’s Office
San Andreas Fire & Rescue

We’d hope to see you around.



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This is a great server, its well made and everyone is mature and has fun while roleplaying. JOIN THIS SERVER!!!

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Definitely a city to fly into. Joined this a few days ago and had an amazing experience, staff was friendly, players were friendly and was overall an amazing experience.

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Update: Server is fully finished and ready, all head positions have been filled except for BCSO!

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