Sunset Beach Roleplay | Realistic RP | 25+ ADD ON CARS | SENORAN CAD | ALL DEPARTMENTS OPEN

Sunset Beach roleplay is a new FiveM community that is looking for fantastic fun members to join our community, we are looking for players who can bring realism and realistic RP to the community and wants to also have fun. We offer various things so everyone can have fun, we have several features for civilian side and emergency services we host an RP session daily come check us out today some features of many listed below!

  • Vmenu based
  • Custom made EUP packs
  • Ripple fire and LEO vehicles
  • custom Liveries for all departments
  • Over 25 add on vehicles
  • many map add on & features

come check us out today and see if is the community for you

Hi do you need staff

Hello we are currently okay on staff at the moment but your definitely more than welcome to join and build your way up to staff as we do have staff positions open if earned (:slight_smile:

We are still actively recruiting for all departments

how do i join the dapartments

All departments still open come join us today! we have RP daily

feel free to join our discord and we will get you through onboarding and into a department of your choose :grinning:

Department’s currently recruiting

  • BCSO
  • LSPD
  • SAHP



Server just got an update lots of new cool features and things to check out come join the community today!

Bump. great fun community come check us out

Civilian Operations is always looking for members to bring in some new characters and storylines join the community today! and bring your storyline to life :grinning:

Brand New SAHP Uniforms feel free to come check us out

Looking for civs and LEO

recruiting today for civilians

bump it

We are actively recruiting for all departments

We are looking for people to join the civilian department