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Sunrise Roleplay is a brand-new feature-rich RedM community that launched on July 20th, 2022. Sunrise is made by RedM and FiveM veterans who emphasize serious, story-driven roleplay. Sunrise RP features a player-driven economy and an innovative XP-based crafting system that will allow your character to hone in on and master their craft.

The experience on Sunrise is incredibly immersive; the server sports player-run businesses like; blacksmiths, gun stores, ranches, restaurants, and, the potential for your own custom business. Whether your character has an affinity for the culinary arts or prefers to tinker with gun parts your character will not struggle to thrive with the opportunities available to them.

Important Info:

Framework: VORP
Mumble Voice
Build: 1436


The more XP you gain in each tree the more recipes become available!

As of now, there are 10 XP-based crafting trees:

  • Basic
  • Brewing
  • Butcher *
  • Carpentry *
  • Cooking includes custom recipes
  • Drugs *
  • Medical includes custom recipes
  • Survival
  • Blacksmithing
  • Gunsmithing

    unknown (9)
    * Custom to Sunrise Roleplay


  • Hunting and Legendary Hunts
  • Player owned and ran businesses
  • Fleshed out XP-based Crafting
  • Ranching and Rancher Job
  • Player Storefronts
  • Farming
  • Criminal Activities (find out IC :wink: )
  • Purchasable Hot Air Balloons
  • Player homes and extensive furniture options (coming soon!)
  • And more!

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Recent Changelogs:

40 new furniture items added for housing

  • some to blacksmith crafting tree, some to carpenter crafting tree, some to basic and survival crafting trees*

Sidesaddle riding

  • /sidesaddle right
  • /sidesaddle left
  • /sidesaddle (to revert to normal riding)

Changes live on next restart


  • Basic bows and arrows + small game arrows are now craftable by anyone unemployed up at the wapiti reservation.

BlackMarket The blackmarket vendor has been spooked out of his hiding spot due to heat! He’s also enlisted his friends to help deal out his nefarious wares.

  • Blackmarket has been moved from the previous location.
  • Blackmarket buy values changed to reflect QoL price buffs
  • Blackmarket inventory expanded There are now 2 additional Blackmarket shops.

Happy hunting!

Bounty Boards

  • Anyone is able to do bounty board missions now.

New Businesses

  • :steam_locomotive: :eyes:

Hiring LEO & Doctors! :sunny:

Recent Changelogs:

New Businesses

Irish Wolf Armory (Annesburg) :gun~1:
Black Hills Blacksmith (Rhodes) :hammer_pick:
Black Hills Stable (Rhodes) :horse:
Magic City (Saint Denis) :A_Sparkles13_CE: :kiss:
Roanoke Stable (Annesburg)
Old Bird Saloon (Rhodes)


All furniture in the carpentry crafting tree is now available to the public. You will still need to use a crafting area that is designated for carpentry (like the one in strawberry)


All butcher classed recipes are now available to the public. The more animal slabs you butcher the better at it you’re able to get. Happy hunting :bow_and_arrow: :cut_of_meat:

Dogs :dog2:

Dog shop added to most towns for convenience
Dog heal price reduced to $2.50

New Medical System

The new system includes the following features:
:clipboard: Medical UI
Advanced medical UI with patient parameters and localized damage for an immersive experience.
:microbe: Diseases system
Players can get sick if they are not careful.
:face_with_head_bandage: Bleeding system
Per-weapon configurable random bleeding percentage, making combat a little more challenging.
:bone: Broken bones
If you fall too hard, you could break your bones. Your movement will be limited.
:pill: Healing Items
You can create any healing item you can imagine with advanced configuration parameters.
:syringe: Revive Items
Along with the healing items, you already have a revive syringe configured, but if you feel like you want some more customization you can add as many types as you want.
:ledger: Patient notes
You can take notes of a patient while you’re in a configured hospital. Notes will be stored in hospitals.
:man_technologist: Modular System
Do you know a little bit of coding? You can use our pre-existing modular system to create YOUR OWN disease! You won’t need to worry about saving or loading data, the script’s system will do the job for you!
… and more!