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Welcome to SunnySide Roleplay home of the sunshine state of Los Santos.

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:rainbow:SunnySide is an 18+ city where you can live, work, and thrive. Start from the bottom of the ladder and work your way up! From working a day-to-day 9-5 job to creating and running a legal or illegal organization! Your story is what you make it! With an active staff and a dev team, the possibilities are endless.


  • Global Population + Active Staff & Developers who are adding new things every day!
  • Beginner Friendly!
  • Streamer-friendly!
  • Custom Scripts and Assets for Gangs, LSPD, EMS [Currently Hiring New Members]
    *Player Owned Business


  • Custom Scripts
  • Live Anywhere
  • Custom Drugs & Effects
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom Firearms
  • Paragliding
  • Build a Sand Castle
  • Group up and do jobs
  • Bank Robberies
  • Custom Radio Clicks
  • Adjustable Radio Volume
  • Firingmodes for weapons
  • Plant weed anywhere
  • Limited Edition vehicles at Akina Customs
  • FPS Saver (if you have a bad PC)
  • Recycling Center with Traders in the city
  • Boosting
  • Business (Pizza, Italian, UwU Cafe, BurgerShot, BeanMachine, all with custom food items)
  • Paintball Arena (Play against your friends and see who is a better shot!)
  • Nos with different levels
  • Rent a room at the casino
  • Gun Range game
  • Want to just yank out an ATM with your car we got you
  • Dashcam and Bodycam for Officers
  • Emergency Vehicles with working Takedowns / Traffic Advisors
  • FlashBangs
  • Vehicle Seizing
  • Realistic Sirens
  • ID forgery
  • Fishing Tournaments
  • Custom vehicle engine sounds for imports
  • Gang Crafting
  • Illegal Crafting
  • Sell drugs anywhere
  • Drug runs
  • Government ran in-city with the Mayor having control over the taxes. Don’t like them Vote them out!
  • Heists
  • Street racing with an alias
  • Vinewood bull with a working microphone for whatever your needs are
  • Want to listen to music? Car, Laptop, TV we got you. (Streamer Friendly)
  • Want to watch a movie with your friends? Have fun
  • Need another bank account? Great, you can visit your local branch and open a new one

:exclamation:That’s not everything that’s a hint, MORE TO COME



Join our Discord here!

ACTIVE BUSINESSES: Diamond Casino & Resort, Akina Customs, Vanilla Unicorn, BurgerShot, Premium Deluxe Motorsport along with many many more!

ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: Store Robberies, Bank Heists, Jewelry Store Heist, Armored Truck Robberies, ATM Robberies, Drugs Trafficking (Various Drugs), Vin Scratching & Boosting, Street Racing and so much more!

LEGAL ACTIVITIES: Mining, Hunting, Fishing, Metal Detecting, City Events and so much more!


Great leadership, endless opportunities!

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Thank you for the awesome reply :heart:

Opening very soon in full V1!

Update list:

Pursuit Modes - New
Rehauled QBCore
Rehauled QBCore Inventory
Housing - Updated
Hud - Updated
Roll Cash
Repos are now pinged to Tow with GPS location
Impounding Vehicles updated
Vehicle Bombs
Vehicle Shops - Updated
Door Locks - Update for no lag
Restaurants - updated
UwU cafe with changeable menu
Walking Styles Stick when on logout
Vehicle Mechanics - Updated
Receipt system
Class System for Vehicles
EMS overhauled, medic bag with supplies, IV’s, Drugs, Splints etc, and new vehicles
Fire Department, and new vehicles
Clothing updated
House Robberies updated
Drug system updated
Drug Runs - Meth, Coke
Heists - Bobcat, Bank Trucks,
MDT - Updated
Store Robberies - Updated
Flagged Plates show dispatch notify
When On Duty officers shoot does NOT notify
QB Apartments - Updated
Third Eye - Updated
Racing - Updated
Phone - Updated
Boosting - NEW
Vehicle Failure - Updated
Tow Job - Updated
Fuel System - Updated
Vangelico’s - Updated
Crafting - Updated
Drug Processing - Updated
Scraping - Updated
Don’t pay your car the tow yard will get a ping and a vehicle tracker. (Don’t worry you get 4 different types of notifications when you need to pay your car)
Selectable pd badge departments

This is just a very small list of what is new. We look forward on seeing you on launch date! We will announce the date in the future.

Opening this Saturday for launch. Come and Join let’s get full pop on the first night.

Wowza i love this server

Great things in the making here at SunnySide!

We have a bunch more people and scripts, and fixes that are in place active development and player base come and join!

Cyro Perico is in come and join the fun