Suicide Roleplay,

As a server owner/player, your thoughts on how to handle this type of situation? Stop the behavior before it even happens. Tell the player to leave your server. remove him completely. Let it go and move on, everything good, Move on to other server related things.

I mean it’s all dependent on how the server’s want to be run and how they set there standards for RP, different servers different rules.

You might like to kick people when someone gets into a cop car if they’re not a cop, I personally think that’s stupid.

Different people different ideas.

It’s disallowed by our server rules and we will tell them to stop that type of roleplay or they would be removed from the server, easy as that.

We always used to disallow it in our rules; if they tried to run a scenario we’d ask them to void it, and if they didn’t co-operate they would be removed

I have had to remove 2 players from my community for this type of roleplay or talk of it…Very frustrating.

As a server owner myself. I have to agree with the majority here. Players should be removed for this kind of roleplay or even considering this kind of roleplay.

Tbh if I had a server I wouldn’t really care, I’m all for freedom of speech and action.


What’s wrong with it, is it worse then “killing someone”?

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Was going to say the same… They’re fine with mass shooting and killing other players but killing yourself? Absolutely not!

From my understanding or correct me If I am wrong, some are ok with this type of rp and some are in the same page remove the player?

What is wrong with it? some players come to play to get away from those thoughts in there head, there escape from irl because the suffer from this.

While I did not create this post to start arguments…just a understanding from other server owners how they would approach such roleplay…

Definitely, all servers have different expectations; people will find a server that they agree with, so it’s good to have variation.
We always used to disallow this specific scenario because we found it distasteful, same with r*pe, etc.