Subtle Bubbles Express Wash

After many renovations, and a boss who likes to keep everything clean except the floors and customer areas, the Subtle Bubble is the new best laundromat in town, with a subtle area in the back for anything from storage to illegal activities. Give your community a new business to run legally, or allow them to make it a front for a business that no one could be the wiser about.

Video Preview:

Purchase here ($1.00 USD) :

Rooms include:

  • Main Laundry Area
  • Small Bathroom
  • Office
  • Break Room
  • Basement Area

Other Features:

  • Custom Props
  • Custom Lights

If you would like the prop placement done for the basement area please select the “Prop Placement” Package

Please note this is one of my first few maps!

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Subscription-based No
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Requirements None
Support Yes