Sublime RP ✦ E-Girl/Streamer Friendly ✦ NoPixel Inspired ✦ Economy System ✦ Custom LEO & EMS System ✦ Custom Crime & Drugs System ✦ Serious RP ✦ Hiring: All Positions ✦ Join:

Sublime RP is an established roleplay community that was founded on the 17th of July 2021 with two highly motivated developers and roleplayers who aimed to bring a realistic, ethical and enjoyable roleplay experience to the FiveM community. After starting off the small project 1st of April 2021 with a custom framework, Sublime RP has expanded far past this and continues to bring new, improved features to enhance the roleplaying experience along with features and updates the community requests and voices for.

Sublime RP aims to allow each player to create a virtual life where they can create a character who they always managed to be and live their wildest dreams, in simpler terms we try to keep everything within the limits of how your real life would be but in the limits of the Los Santos and the Grand Theft Auto world. The Sublime RP team is always active and looking for new features and ideas that we know the Sublime RP community will love.

We hope to see you in Sublime RP


  • Search for Sublime RP after clicking Play on FiveM.
  • Press F8 then type **Connect


Legal Jobs and Activities - There are allot of ways to earn money legally in Los Santos. Become a Garbage Collector, Tow Trucker, Taxi Driver and more!

Illegal Jobs and Activities - Do you have criminal mindset to earn dirty money? There is allot to as a criminal. Robbing stores, breaking in to houses even hitting the the biggest vault in Los Santos.

Custom Drugs & Counterfeit Cash Factory - There are many secret locations to find. Make your own XTC & LSD in a Meth Lab, Baking Soda at the Coke Lab not to forget Counterfeit Cash Factory.

Custom Maps - A LOT of custom areas around the City. Fancy a Coffee? Head on over to Bean Machine. Sick of the old MRPD? Check out the new Police Station! Want to have a beer? Grab a Taxi from Clint the Taxi Driver and head to Galaxy Nightclub!

Custom Housing - Instead of the same four walls in each house you can now customize your own house by choosing which furniture and decorations that you want to see everyday!

Custom Clothing - Get yourself some fancy new swag at any clothing store. We carefully hand pick clothing that we’d like to add in and make sure the quality is nice and good visually and works perfect on your character!

Realistic Jobs - Checking into Pillbox? EMT’s will search your Records and add your visits into the database. Car having some issues? Take it to the Mechanics and they’ll be able to check every part of your car and repair piece by piece, be aware you may have to have a coffee and wait for them to finish!

Multiple Characters - Sick of roleplaying as your Police Character? Why not switch it up and create a new Criminal Character that is the complete opposite and if you don’t feel like playing him/her anymore, easily switch back to your Police Character!

Plus more! - Jump on into the Server or even check out the Discord to find out more features!

We are hiring people for Whitelisted Jobs & Team Positions . These are following positions that are open:
Staff Admin Application
Law Enforcement Officers LEO Application
Emergency Medical Services EMS Application
PDM PDM Application
Mechanics Mechanic Application




Bump! Come check us out, we’re very close to release and we’re looking for active PD, EMS and staff!


2 days till launch! Join our Discord:

!bump: With everything that has been put in, please give us the chance to be your new community in fivem that you can call home.


Bump - Custom clothing, custom vehicles, and much much more. We are less than 24 hours before we open it to everyone.

We have just added a custom character creation menu in the server.


City is so clean and well managed! There is so many things that are working and are fun to do in the city! Join us on our adventure today.

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Absolutely amazing server! Runs so smooth, played for over 10 hours straight and wasn’t kicked once other than having to leave for a restart.

Things run smooth and still jobs to be filled in.

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We just added
GSR to the system for leo
Anti-Cheat system

Fresh city with many updates coming!


Updated to the jobs and cryoto