Stuck on loading screen in social club upon start

Hey all, when I attempt to run Fivereborn, the social club launcher just circles but it does nothing. I imagine I need to take some action. I have unticked the auto detect proxy and have tried many solutions. Has anyone else had/fixed this issue before? I have seen the Faq section.

Did you disable any AntiVirus and added it to your firewall?

Yes, I have disabled all antivirus and added to allow through firewall

Please if anyone can help… I am VERY experienced with GTA and LSPDFR, would even model a car for someone who will help me out tonight and get this thing working.

@Mark-Abbacchi Can you give us your full PC specs, including your windows version etc.

I don’t know how to do this easily so I will just say what I built. Wish I could copy a list.

I have a jetway motherboard, a recently bought nvidia evga gtx 960, 32 (4 sticks) gb of ddr3 ram, an intel 15 quadcore processor, windows 7 64 bit, oh and an insignia psu. @kanersps

Now as I am trying to just start from scratch, while updating, I get this error twice now.
Downloading of http://updater.fivereborn/patches/dlcpacks/patchday4ng/dlc.rpf failed with CURLcode 0x12