Stuck on "Connecting"

When I try to join a server I am always stuck on “Connecting” and I have to end the task in Task Manager to close FiveM. Any suggestions?

I am running Windows 8

Hi meowman,
How long are you waitng in this “connecting” screen? sometimes it does take a while to connect to a new server as you are having to download all the files. Check all of your FiveM files as well as GTA V files to make sure it all is correct and works as that could be stopping it from connecting.

Also Windows 7,8 & 8.1 arent supported when playing FiveM, the new releases and versions arent tested on these windows so the plugins the new versions use might not be in that windows version meaning it doesnt work. It is better if you upgrade to windows 10 as lately there have been a lot of “older” windows bugs in FiveM.

Best Regards, RB