Streets very empty/Lack of NPCs

So as the title suggests, I’m noticing a lot of the time the streets seem to be very empty and not much NPC interaction/random world events happening. Of course when I go into normal GTA story mode the world is full and busy. Is there any way to increase the population or density of NPCs, traffic, and random world scenarios? I tried writing a script that’s supposed to increase ped density and traffic density learned from Jeva on Youtube but this didn’t seem to make any difference.

Here is the script I tried

local config = {
    pedFrequency = 2.0
    trafficFrequency = 2.0

    while true do
        SetScenarioPedDensityMultiplierThisFrame(config.pedFrequency, config.pedFrequency)


I think 1.0 is the maximum you can set it to or at least that is what it says on the natives.

Ahh, that’s unfortunate. So effectively that script can only be used to decrease density and not increase? Hopefully there’s some sort of method out there to increase as well. The streets feel very lonely and bare most of the time.