Street Shift Roleplay | Whitelisted | Partial ESX

What is Street Shift Roleplay? SSRP is a new, up and coming Whitelisted Partial ESX FiveM Roleplay server that was created on July 29th, 2020. SSRP Will strive to become a family, consisted of professional, realistic, and fun roleplay. Over time we will work hard to meet our goals and become a fun experience. SSRP is based in the US.

Departments we offer
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Civilian Operations
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department (Coming Soon)
San Andreas Fire Department (Coming Soon)

We also offer many things such as custom department liveries for vehicles, vMenu, custom vehicles, and much more.

Our requirements are that you, must be 15 years of age on the day you apply with no exceptions. You must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto for PC. You must FULLY understand English and be able to speak it well. You also must have a working and clear microphone with little to no feedback.

We hope you enjoy your stay and give us the chance to provide you with a fun and realistic roleplaying community.

Permanent Discord Invite


San Andreas Highway Patrol, and Blaine County Sheriffs Office are currently hiring looking for new members. San Andreas Fire Department is looking for a department head.

Many new things are coming for Civilians!

BCSO be getting some new cars and Uniforms!

We are looking, and hiring for law enforcement officers. We are also looking for some active civs. Join the link!

Snow is coming soon :wink:
We are looking for an LSPD chief if anyone is interested.

The snow has arrived in San Andreas!

We are looking for some BCSO officers that are willing to take on the job.