Street Angeles RP | RP & PVE| FivePD | Real LA Building, code, callsign| Hiring staff, department head, LEO, EMS, Civ Most Realistic LA Based Server

Hi! Interested to join a LEO force? YOU DON’T NEED ANY APPLICAIONS TO BECOME A COP!!!Street Angeles RP | Fivem


this MOST realistic CA Based server on FiveM EVER is for you! Director!!!

**:money_with_wings: What we have: **

-vMenu & Economy

  • more than 160 real-life cars
    -You can buy properties, business
    -create your own business, gang or join others
    -California EUP/Custom Clothing
    -Active Community
    -No Whitelist (Only able to join while in discord server)
    -Public Cop (LASD)
    -PVE, Just like LSPDFR Script, But you still can RP with real-player, and we encourage you do it
    -Court System: in game laws, courts, judges, law study courses
    -Active Developments: suggest all your suggestions!
    -Friendly community
    -California state, 100% Los Angeles based: almost everything is based on LA
    -LAPD, LASD, FBI of CA, CHP, LAFD, SPPO, USCG, VCSO, SWAT all hiring (even hiring department heads)
    -Tons of subdivisions (motorbike unit, cycle unit, air unit, gang unit)
    -Hiring staff
    -50+ Custom buildings, interiors: plenty of car dealerships, much open interior buildings
    -Extremely Serious RP experiences: like DOJ and NoPixel
    -Criminal RP/ Terrorist RP Welcome Do ur crazy things!
    -Government jobs Be a government worker!


-Create Whatever Kind of Company You Want
-Fire Scripts
-Fire Chainsaw Script
-Fire Hose
-Public Transport (Bus, Taxi, Subway, Airline, Uber, Ferry)
-YouTube Drive In Cinema
-Car Bumper
-Server Events

even MORE waiting YOU to Discover it…

Server Videos Get Lucky | Music Video | GTA5 | FiveM | Street Angeles Roleplay (Join Today!) - YouTube


We fixed bugs and add a lot of new vehicles

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Join Us Today and Have Fun

We just update our application for SAHP and BCSO

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Hello I am Jack Smith one of the many Directors In this Community

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We are updating more things everyday

We are always here

Please join us

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We re-designed our server, refresh the server

bump, when there is no player online, you can rp with ai, there are more than 100 different type of calls. Different area you patrol different type of calls you will get.

Let’s join us

we are back

Is your LSPD Department Head position open still? We would be interested in applying. You can find more about us here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!

We finished development. Now we added 160 real-life cars. You can buy properties, business now. You can open your own business, gang, or join others.
Lets join