Streaming popcycle.dat/popgroups.ymt


does anyone of you have experience with streaming popcycle/popgroups files ?

I was thinking about making a lua script similiar to the popular ScriptHookVDotNet-Script “PullMeOver”, but I would definitely need to stream those two files, which I mentioned above, in order to even have police vehicles spawn in traffic.

I’ve already found the streaming keys for both of those files:

I unfortunately have almost no experience with data-file streaming. I would really appreciate any kind of help you can provide !

I actually just looked around a little bit more and got it working.

resource_manifest_version '44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937'

files {

data_file 'FIVEM_LOVES_YOU_341B23A2F0E0F131' 'popgroups.ymt'
data_file 'POPSCHED_FILE' 'popcycle.dat'

Thank you for posting this, I’m actually trying to accomplish the same thing, police spawning in traffic.

My resource file is accepted and most of my custom traffic spawns, but not the police cars.

Did you have to do anything else to get police to start spawning in traffic?

Quick update: Police4 is spawning in traffic, but no other police cars.

After removing these lines while working on something else, I noticed almost all police are spawning in traffic now:
– disable wanted level