Streaming ped models, cars, maps?

Alright so we are working on modifying our server and are trying to figure out how to stream vheical and ped mods to the client we have found many things explaining and none of them seem to work cause there a bit old from 2016. can anyone help explain the correct way to stream these models and maps to the client?

Also if anyone is a good developer that can make a full game mode that has a currency system, shops, jobs, and more please pm me we are willing to pay for a game mode of that nature.

Also we are coming from ■■■■■■■■■■■ as it had alot of issues and was wondering what Fivem’s max player limit per server? ive noticed they all say 24 on the server list but some servers have like 35-40 players so if you removed the hard cap does it allow a unlimited ammount?

Bumping for interest.