Streaming MLO's under a merged resource

Hey, so recently I found out about putting all my mlos under one resource and streaming them there. (I divided them into 5 resources actually). I have them all working in there but I am curious as to if this has downsides that I am unaware of. Is streaming MLO’s and Ymaps all under the same resource Bad for server performance?

Short answer is no.

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Logically speaking it shouldn’t matter one way or another so I suggest you don’t bother with that.

So my intention is to reduce the number of resources running on the server. I have over 80 mlo’s and Ymaps each running as independent resource. Merging them I can reduce that to 5 for categorical purposes; wouldn’t that be better?

The number of resources you have doesn’t really affect anything, but yeah you can try doing it if you want to. I’d stay away unless it’s absolutely necessary, though - it’s not as simple as just mashing all of them together into one stream folder, it’s more complex than that.