Streaming maps?

can anyone tell me how to stream maps. i have a few maps i want on my server but dont know how to add them. i put the map folder in /resources with __resource.lua in the map folder and added it to citmp-server. still not on the map. Been trying to figure this out for awhile now and it would be great if someone could help

Edit: figured it out with time. i just need to know how to stream multiple maps at the same time and not just one

@iago How do you stream a map? I still am struggling to figure it out.

@RezPlays what map are u trying to stream?

@iago I haven’t really found a solid one i want yet, i am still looking around, i just want to know how to do it when i’m ready

EDIT: I have found a map i would like to stream,

@RezPlays ill make a tut for everybody. its not really explained and im just gonna shoe the way i do it

@iago Awesome cant wait to see it!

@iago nice