Stream cloned ped to PauseMenu

I’m developing an inventory system for my roleplay server and I would like to clone the player ped so it shows in the inventory itself.

I’ve already made some progress with two simple natives, something like this:

ActivateFrontendMenu(GetHashKey("FE_MENU_VERSION_EMPTY_NO_BACKGROUND"), false, -1)
ClonedPed = ClonePed(PlayerPedId(), heading, true, false)
GivePedToPauseMenu(ClonedPed, 2)

But there are still two problems I can’t really figure out how to solve them:

  • Can’t really move the ped as I wish;
  • It displays a weird background that I can’t really remove.

(the weird background only start showing after GivePedToPauseMenu() )

If someone has already worked with this, please let me know. Thank you!


any news?