Strange texture behavior on DUI Replace

Game build: 2060
Resolutions: all

Simple code repo:

local url = ""
local origTxd = "whateverTxd01"
local origTx = "whateverTx01"
local txDict = "testTxd01"
local tx = "testTx01"
local dui = CreateDui(url, 1024, 1024)
local duiHandle = GetDuiHandle(dui)
local txd = CreateRuntimeTxd(txDict)
CreateRuntimeTextureFromDuiHandle(txd, tx, duiHandle)
AddReplaceTexture(origTxd, origTx, txd, tx)

Essentially what happens (and it happens on 100% on props/objects), is a weird triangle will appear, sometimes static, and sometimes randomly / briefly, over the top of the texture render.

Its strange because its always the same triangle as seen in the images below:



Let me know if there’s any other details I can provide on the issue.

Is this also happening on current canary? There was some CEF weirdness that got fixed lately.

Yeah happens on both stable and canary. It usually reproduces very easily if you get a lot of people in the same area.

Any way to cause whatever without ‘a lot of people’?

I’ve been trying to reproduce it by myself without much luck. It’s rather random when it occurs, but it does seem to correlate to high load / intense rendering.

It happens very rarely on my development environment, but I will keep playing with repro steps to see if I can find something concrete.

This video shows an example of walking out of some kind of rendering range that causes the effect to occur.

Unfortunately, like the other occurrences, it only happens randomly. This one is based on some kind of distance from the wheel which is rendering the DUI webpage.