Story :rp: | Realistic/Serious RP | NoPixel Public Inspired | connect | NOW PUBLIC | Whitelist: OPEN | Recruiting for all departments, looking for also a few faction Heads for DMV/Dinasty/Interior Designers and others

Los Santos Police Department is HIRING!

Join our ranks and see for yourself what is to be a TRUE officer, we mimic LAPD Protocols and structures. We spect the best behavior. The chain of command is FULLY respected. If you want the true Police Officer experience of being an officer in Los Santos this is your place.!


Recruitment Process:

  1. Small Application (Recruitment Desk - San Andreas Government)
  2. Small Interview
  3. Academy (1DAY)
  4. Field Training Program (2 Sessions)
  5. Evaluation
    (Steps can be skiped if you show a vast amount of experience.)


  • Precincts Jurisdictions.
  • Group Supervisors
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom EUP
  • Proper Decals.
  • Certifications
  • Awards System Awards & Recognition - San Andreas Government
  • Custom Break Room Items for Stress release.
  • Fingerprint, Bullet Casing, and Blood Samples System
  • LAPD Based
  • Real Call Signs, 1-L-23, 1-A13, and more
  • Unique Badge numbers
  • Academy and Field Training Program, Quality over quantity.
  • DOJ-based, we are also looking for lawyers.
  • CQB
  • Certifications, High-Speed Unit, Air Support, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Medical, Advance Driving
  • Auto Dispatch System
  • Personalized MDT
  • Each Division has its Captain and LT

Department Structure:
** General Operations Bureau
– Mission Row Precinct
– Vespucci Precinct
– Vinewood Precinct
** Special Operations Bureau
– Traffic Operations Division
– Air Operations Division
– Special Weapons And Tactics
– K9 Division
** Investigations Bureau
– Major Crimes Division
– Gangs & Narcotics Division
– General Investigations Division
** Professional Standards Bureau
– Internal Affairs Division
– Media Relations
– Licensing Division
** Personnel & Training Bureau
– Recruitment Division
– Training Division
– * Advanced Training
– * Basic Training

Real-life Rank System
– Cadet
– Police Officer I
– Police Officer II
– Police Officer III
– Senior Lead Officer
– Detective I
– Detective II
– Detective III
– Sergeant I
– Sergeant II
– Lieutenant
– Captain
– Commander
– Assistant Chief of Police
– Chief of Police

Best City in all of 5m- Quality RP and great things to do

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I’ve been in this community for about 6 weeks and very much enjoy the RP. Very much recommended to those looking for a welcoming group of like-minded individuals.

My main character is Jax Ryder, hope to see you in the city!

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Come join the quality role-players here

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