Story :rp: | Realistic/Serious RP | NoPixel like | Status - OPEN BETA ! | Taking Whitelist Applications | Looking for staff members, heads of factions with experience and also any players that would like to get involved!

We will be waiting for your applications!
Be part of an amazing community!

For LSPD, yes we are.

Contact OGParker#9453


LSPD Is still looking for amazing officers with a high role play standards.

We have a Vanilla Unicorn custom made script and our Vanilla Unicorn is looking for a new owner, let me know on discord if anyone is interested. Thanks

Open beta has come, and we are still looking for more people. Things are going well and close to polishing the server up so we can move into our final phase. Come check us out we are always searching for players of any experience level!


LSPD Is growing up, but we still need more dedicated officers, doors are still open! Contact me!

A community with a good start, which means hard work that has been done not only by the community leadership and the development team but also the wonderful people who have found their place with us.

StoryRP is where you can write your story.

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Great community the ideas going into this server is just amazing. I really love being part of the LSPD and the leadership is awesome to the max. check it out! seriously!

LSPD Command now have decades of experience as LEOs in multiple locations, we know if you join our ranks you will not be disappointed at all!

Some pictures from our PDM, since then we’ve did some remodeling and some painting and we have a nicer and better interior but we have a good commission system available and a completely custom finance system. You should give it a try!

Looks great so far. Really good scripting.

Very impressive scripting. Great overall feeling around the community so far!! Would highly recommend.

Still looking for players that are interested to run some factions. We have plenty of Whitelist Gangs available along with Interior Designer, DMV, DOJ, News, we also have a custom script for Vanilla Unicorn that could use an owner. Come and give us a try.

LSPD is still looking for officers willing to learn!

LSPD First Academy will be this Sunday (09/05/2021) at 12PM EDT,9AMPDT, 5PMGMT.
LSPD is hiring, so if you want to participate for this training, apply at:

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