Story :rp: | Realistic/Serious RP | NoPixel Inspired | JUST LAUNCHED! | connect | NOW PUBLIC | Whitelist: OPEN | Recruiting for all departments, looking for also a few faction Heads for DMV/Dinasty/Interior Designers and others

We are trying our best to figure out the way to make the server pop growing faster and steadier and the best way we still believe is word of mouth and explaining some of the unique features and options that we have available on the server. Thus we are announcing some things to encourage you to bring more players into our city and our discord server.

We are giving away free donor packages for people that bring to the server more active people.

So for every 5 active new people that you bring to the server you are giving away a VIP GOLD package for 2 months or a Whitelisted Gang Tier 1 for 2 months.

Also for 9 active new players that you bring to the server we are giving away a VIP Diamond Package for 2 months or Whitelist Gang Tier 2 (10 max members).

We will check your activity + your guests activity constantly and we might even extend the offer if we feel you deserve it. Take this opportunity into consideration as this won’t be available forever so take advantage of it.

Also a lot of you have asked me to build a custom business for yourself or hand out an already established business. We are more than happy to work with you and create the scripts you need to have a successful business in our city but first you have to prove to us that you are not just passing by and would spend a significant amount of time on the server before that.

We are trying to have an activity test over this weekend and see if we can get a good chunk of time with 10-15+ people on the server so please try to put your time on the server as much as you can over the weekend. I am trying to bring a streamer or two the following weekend based on how many people we will have online this weekend. So please prove to us that you are still enjoying your time in the city so we can feel more encouraged to invest more into this project.
We are coming with a few good surprises in the following week. New scripts and maps are being worked on as we speak.

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Remember! Ownership is giving away Donator Perks!

5 active friends referral = VIP Gold or Whitelist Gang Tier 1 for 2 Moths!
9 active friends referral = VIP Diamond or Whitelist Gang Tier 2 for 2 Moths!

Come Join!! the home place of Officer Burgess!!!

City is now completely open jump and and check us out

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