Still No Solution With My Lights

Okay so ive made a post already about this but I still haven’t gotten a fix a yet. So ive input custom emergency vehicles (after watching albo1125s tutorial videos) and the cars stream in my game just fine as well as the peds. The problem I’m having is when I spawn my car, the lights don’t do anything. there are 2 solid lights on the light bar. I also have the nosiren script I guess it it. The lights work for the default vehicles just not the custom ones. the only thing that works on the custom vehicles is the taillights. Only the taillights will flash. like I said before, the default vehicles work just fine. I’m not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated

Don’t use ‘ELS’ vehicles?

I hate to say it like this, nobody wants to release any ELS related things. Why? It’s exclusive! Clan only. Unless you join another clan that includes ELS related scripts, you will most likely never get ELS on your own clan. I hate to say it like this, but there’s no way at this point to get the script for yourself. I apologize, I have no access to the script, and no matter how many people you bother, you’ll never get it. Many scripts are unreleased, they may be exciting but there are tons of reasons why you cant release them. Unless you’re well-versed in Lua, and can create a script that makes the functionality of the script available for FiveM, don’t expect ELS for yourself any time soon.