Step by step installation guide?

Is there a step by step guide, how to install fivereborn on retail gta5 with latest updates?

I downgraded to 1.0.505.2 from other guides. Maybe i missed something in this process, because i get a strange social club error (error code 17) while trying to connect to a server.

There is a guide at the release topic,

When i follow the “guide” at the release topic with a retail latest gta5 version, Fivereborn didn´t load at all.
Asuming from the cachefile in fivereborn folder, the 1.0.505.2 version is used by fivereborn. in the installationprocess copy files from the gta5 folder, it would use update.rpf from the client version 1.0.757.4. i am not a developer but i asume, that mixing game versions arent a good idea.
I tested it, installing 5reboorn from a version 1.0.757.4 gta5 source folder, getting errors while starting 5reborn.

Manually downgrading gta5 to 1.0.505.2, installing 5reborn than and i can start 5reborn, see server and can connect to one. Loading screen shows “starting social club” which get me to the social club error code 17 all the time.

Is a gta5 patch version needed or is fivereborn capable of running with any given source version?
While connecting to a server is “starting social club” normal or is that an error itself?
Cache folder contains a old social club version, which version need to be installed? (tested both with the same result).

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