Steam Controller doesn't work

in GTA V, the game detects my Steam Controller and so it allows me to use it to emulate a Xbox 360 controller, just as it is intended to.

As of FiveM, launched as a Mod or Non Steam Game, it doesn’t work (just like all keyboards are considered as qwerty), the Steam Controller isn’t detected at all.

Someone have an idea on how I could solve this ? Using the Steam Controller allows for more immersive aiming and driving in the game.


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Also interested in this. Anyone have any ideas?


I noticed today that there are some steam controller files within the fivem folders that claimed its purpose is to allow native steam controller support. However no, still does not work.

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The Steam Controller works by relying on the Steam overlay to hook into games rather than providing a proper Windows input device. This might be an easy thing to resolve, or it might require FiveM to be a proper Steam app published on Steam, which is impossible.

Either way, without any of the developers having access to a Steam Controller for testing, don’t expect this to ever be supported - unless you know C++ and develop a patch yourself.

Any updates on anyone getting this working? If someone can guide me I can write a patch in c++.

Count me in as interested on this patch. I love the configurability that the steam controller has, and would really like to keep using it with FiveM sessions.

It was working! For about 3 months! I last logged in around December, but now it’s kaput again. Anybody know when/why/how the Steam Controller was disabled again (or how to get it back?)

Just curious has anybody added fivem ass a non steam game? Would still have a steam overlay

Okay we gotta figure this out because I like playing with a controller and it’d be great to be able to map controls for Trainers and all the little things. My 360 controller doesn’t cut it

It has the overly but doesn’t make it really work. I’m sure there’s a way to configure it

No, GTA5.exe never launches, FiveM itself fully controls the game engine, and there’s no such thing as a ‘launcher’.

It’s not a ‘non-Steam application’, it’s a Steam mod, which are a super special snowflake in Steam’s API, one which Valve probably forgot to support for input mapping.

This also still applies two years later.

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Hey there i have the solution.

Add FiveM to GloSC program and then to steam using GloSc. make sure to set the steam controles on gta5 befor you run through GloSc because GloSc pulls the controller config from GTA5 not fivem. hope this helps. im willing to help people personally if i get an email for help.

i have a solution for the steam controller if interested