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Full server patrol last night! Come join the fun @

NEW Tow Trucks for all Law Enforcement agencies and the Civilian businesses!


The Civilian department got some brand new custom vehicles! Put in an application for Civilian today!

Check us out @

All departments are hiring!

Back to School soon with the University’s updated models!

best server ever

Couldn’t agree more!

I’m looking into coming here! If able, could I get in contact with the fire department’s public information individual, a member or lower staff member to look further into the department and how it’s ran?

by the looks of it it looks like statewide shut down all their discord links do not work

We haven’t gone anywhere! Come apply @

none of the discord links even on the website work. Do you know if I could get my old rank back or do I gotta restart?

What is the fan discord link?

you dont want it man look for a more professional mature server not these kids running a community

Discord Fan Server Link because I really want to at least give it a shot! Send The Link Back Please!

Pretty sure statewide shut down. I was told by another person that it was still up, however NONE of their discord links work, even on their fan website. Nothing at all of theirs work, and there has not been any activity on their website weeks or months