State of Mind Role-Play | SOMRP | 18+ | Serious RP | vMenu Based |

Hello, and thanks for reading this; State of Mind Role-Play (SOMRP) is a vMenu-Based small community looking for more members. This is a whitelisted community with a google form application. Before applying, you can join the Discord, but most channels and the FiveM server will be blocked. We do have a public channel to chat and ask questions, though. No developers are needed; no, I’m not going to give you a staff member role to join; we are about QUALITY and not quantity.

We are currently running on a Virtual Machine with NFO Servers hosted in Chicago for a nice balanced ping for east to west coast players.

Patrols are generally in the county with a few city patrols; the current departments opened are:

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)

San Andreas State Patrol (SASP)

San Andreas Emergency Medical Services (SAEMS)

San Andreas Communications Department (SACD)

Future departments that will open when we gain more members are San Andreas Fire & Rescue (SAFR) Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). These departments are set up, but we need more members to populate the city patrols and enough members on fire to run the appropriate apparatuses.

All of our EUP is personally made by our designer, and our vehicles and liveries are purchased from well-known developers in the FiveM community. There are a lot of excellent resources and scripts we have, I’m not going to list them all here, but I do look forward to receiving your application in the future.

Lil’ bump and update: As a serious server, we expect professionalism from individuals, this does not mean you have to know everything, but rather your demeanor is appropriate and reflective of your role-play, which should be serious .Take your time with the application process, because we, like our role-play, take it very seriously. I look forward to patrolling with you in the future!

Got removed from the community after leaving the patrol to play a different game with one of my irl friends. Unless you want to be restricted and only play FiveM 24/7, I don’t recommend this community. :+1:

Sorry you feel this way, but as a serious server we cannot have people leaving 15 minutes into their introductory patrol to go play Rainbow Six Siege. As a pointer, working on communication and appreciation for peoples efforts to train individuals, you will probably be allowed to stick around in community longer than one day. That and blatant disrespect towards members is not tolerated.

We don’t tolerate immaturity, considering patrols are about two to four hours long, I would call the statement you made about “only play FiveM 24/7” to be highly blown out of proportion, and by posting here clearly states that you were not fit to be in the community in the first place. Please reconsider before applying for 18+ servers.

You changed it to 18+ just today, it says 16+ on the application and told me there was other kids my age there. That’s exactly why I was bored and left though, no one wanted to patrol with me. For people reading this, they make rules after you break them. Joined and it never said I couldn’t leave mid patrol, after I was warned it was there. Same for the age requirement. Consider looking into other servers.

I would highly recommend reading the rules of servers before making wild accusations, and your hysterical demeanor is not creating a good image for yourself. As for your FTO, he was waiting until you had a scene to assist you; in the situation where people’s driving is not of concern, we do not restrict to ride-along only, but you must not have listened to that part in the short training period we had.

The age restriction varies from the avenues people are looking, I don’t believe age is very important because maturity does not only come with age, so the age restriction is not as important as the maturity restriction.

Rules 6 was always there; I love that you are digging a grave for yourself by previously admitting to me that you did not read the rules. Now posting that they were created only after your offence, but I would suggest the next server you go on to make sure you READ the rules prior, that they are creating rules to spite you, and that way, no rules will upset you catch you off guard.

Thank you for your concerns and ability for me to explain your removal from the server publicly; I appreciate getting the chance to show individuals that this is a mature server and we do not tolerate immaturity.