Starting a server

I’m trying to make a server (for the third time, first time being a few years ago, other attempts being recently) and I’m having difficulty just getting the initial resources to run and work as expected, I’ve got es_extended, essentialmode, and a bunch of esx resources like shops, basicneeds, etc.
I’m getting errors like this:

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_identity/server/main.lua:225: attempt to index a nil value (global 'ESX')
SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_status/server/main.lua:7: attempt to index a nil value (global 'ESX')

and I just feel like I’m missing something, I can’t tell what it is, the first server I set up years ago I managed to get the basic files all working together but I no longer have access and everything would be outdated anyway.
I’m not sure where to start, what to add, I’m okay with coding, I don’t know everything, I only know bits and pieces.
Any help is greatly appreciated

I think that may be that some of your resurces expect the esx v2 while ur base is esx v1

how do i know if its trying to access v2?
and if it is, how would i get it to access v1?

someone told me i had to download the zip rather than git clone it, i didn’t realise it was just cloning esx 2, thats why i was having issues, thanks