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Hello! I’m Releasing my BETTERCOMBAT script, Its more advanced than to be just BETTERCOMBAT. On future updates I’m planing to add Weapon Drop and Money When You Die with with future updates, but just for now there is only Shoulder Switch! Script is only 5 EUR FOR NOW! THE PRICE MAY CHANCE WITH NEW FEATURES! So don’t lost this chance to buy it now!


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) 150+
Requirements No Requirements
Support Yes

Please make sure to include the paid releases template.

What’s the difference, if any?

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Purchased this script after talking to the developer with several questions, was no problems at first the only slightly annoying thing was he kept on tagging me to respond every few seconds. I asked him politely not to and he stopped.

I ended up buying the script as it looked very good, was supposedly open-source and that always is a good thing that I can edit the resource to my liking.

After the purchase, I was assigned it on Keymaster which I asked ZKS why and he said it will be changed to say locked soon and he will give me the open-source version in several days when he get’s home as again that is what I bought.

Several days later and now he has said I am no longer welcome to have the open-source version, I said no problem I will just take a refund then please as I had then been given the incorrect resource which was supposed to be unlocked as I wanted to make several edits to make it more suited for my server. He was extremely disrespectful, claiming I was crying and just being rude all together.

My personal recommendation is that you should not purchase from this store, you will be lied to and the script you receive may be different to what is advertised as well as if you contact them you may also be spoken to disrespectfully. It’s not worth wasting your time talking to them either as they have no sense of understanding nor are they reasonable.

To add insult to injury, he has also revoked both the scripts from my keymaster. So not only have I been lied to, I have been scammed.

That Is Shambles, 100% Report it to tebex. That is going against the TOS of Tebex and Online Sales. Taking your money then revoking the assets!

okay buddy, maybe you should stop crying You should’ve read the rules. WE CAN’T REFUND if you downloaded it and the reason I reworked it because I am doing something on scripts rn wait until I finish then you will get back your scripts.

The Open Source has been removed on wednesday from everywhere and purchased it on Friday, its not my problem that you’re making mistakes

everyone’s assets are on available on KEYMASTER

You didn’t address any issues, why was it revoked? I wasn’t informed. Furthermore, what is with this “crying”? Where have I displayed crying emotion in any of my messages a? Besides this kind of behaviour to a client is wrong in itself. I’ve already contacted Tebex with the necessary screenshots, I bought it while it was open-source on your site and you even knew yourself hence why you said no problem you’ll send when your home. You have to manually revoke scripts for them to no longer be present in my Keymaster, I know this as again I am a shop owner. You’ve gotten annoyed, revoked them and realized what you did was against TOS hence why you have now reassigned them.

As I said before I am not bothered, you lied to me and took back what you said. That is why I left this review and it is also why I am heavily suggesting people not to purchase from you. I have made contact with Tebex already as well as the screenshots to back everything I have said. If anyone is having doubts on whether you want to purchase from him, privately message me and I will be sure to send the screenshots to you to back what I have said.

well good for you to contacting tebex, I’ll hope everything goes well. If wanted to revoke them I wouldn’t gave them back to you, you can already see that weapon drop and better combat is reuploaded and can you please send the screenshots here also we can see what are you talking about?

Sure! Here.

ZKS Scripts - Album on Imgur

so I bet thats not all of it but okay, you’re making it personal. I might be the Developer and seller but I have an crew and they’re helping me all the time. We work with democracy and I was going to give you the open source but they didn’t wanted so I can’t do anything.

Check your keymaster please, you’re scripts are availabe at there.

Show the rest then, I’d be glad for anyone to see the whole thing. You told me I would get open-source as I bought it when everything said it was. Then you said I can’t have it. It’s that simple. You lied.




new screenshots

The point of purchasing scripts is ease. I looked trusting your stores information. Why should I have to take closer looks into your discord? I don’t have access to your logs either? & Just because you change from “OPEN Source” to nothing how am I supposed to know that means its locked? That could be simply to make it look nicer.

I didn’t want a refund in the first place - had you given me what I paid for I would not have asked. Simple.

you can see it trough anywhere even from the tebex?

that ain’t my problem if you didn’t take a look, sorry.