[STANDALONE] [UPDATE] Teleport by whitelist or not this is regulated V1.0.1

RebornProject Teleport

Description :

This is a teleport script with permission by an adjustable whitelist for each point individually. It also possesses some options as add or not text on the marker the text is in rgb possibility also to put blips or not …
All markers are synchronized with all players on the server
If you have any suggestions for improving or adding content tell me I would do so if possible to do so. I remain available to help you if need be careful anyway I am French and do not speak English at all but I use Google Translate pardon me for that.

Update V1.0.1 :

Adding the teleport function with a vehicle setting in the cfg coordinates list

Screenshot :

Marker close :

Marker open :


Direct Download


Good script but i dont really see a usage

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Hello and thank you
The use is strictly speaking for each server may be for you you do not need but may be that others looking for this for weeks …


i think this is a amazing idea, it can open to like a police garage somewhere in the world and the vehicles are spawned in and no one would be scared of someone stealing them, if that makes sense. I look forward to your next script :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the idea bro I can actually add an option for the teleport to be done with the vehicle or not to settle in the cfg. Thank you for this idea I will do it in the night or tomorrow at the latest. Thank you for the encouragement and a next script arrives under 2 days see 3 days maximum I await the authorization of a person who provided a piece of code to get script.

Discord boosters are getting a VIP role on our Fivem server. This role gives people some extra’s. This script looks useful for us, maybe we’ll add some unique VIP meeting points and use this teleport system for it…


This will be great for individuals to teleport to certain interiors which don’t need to be allowed by all.

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Thanks bro

this is just the first version i am going to improve this with more options to allow to touch the needs of the biggest numbers

Instead of the whitelist would be good to make it maybe so can be hacked to open and then used could be more handy then. :slight_smile:

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We used a teleport pad system with something like that and it went fine. Just had a job requirement so if you didn’t have x job (was gangs) then you couldn’t enter.

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This is a very good idea but this is no longer standalone because it would be necessary to use an item to do this and therefore necessarily make the necessary calls for the use of this object and other dependencies

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It is very easy for me to put all this in place but its no longer standalone and I do not want to share something that is not usable by the 100% of the community FiveM then everyone can adapt all this on their source without worries and very simply


nice dude

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Thanks bro :+1::innocent:

Can using for blip ems/police? Change positions armory,etc sir?

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I do not understand the question about blips knowing that this script can put teleport and not blips bro sorry reformulate your question I go through google translate I’m French

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When I use the teleport, I can’t switch weapons. Any fix? No error on cmd either on F8.

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This does not come from any native script can not conflict with the player’s weapons

This only happens when I use your teleport XD

Ben I have no idea no one has reported problems and nothing in the code can produce error with the weapons of the players so look if it does not fit in with something else I can not you help