[STANDALONE] Store Robberies by SpecialStos - v1.1.2

Hey there,

thanks again for the feedback. The chat has already been done, case closed. My way of talking might seem like “bad customer service” but do understand that the way you’ve approached me is not anything good as you ignored some vital steps i’ve told you.

In return though i have completely refunded you and gave you the resource for free.

Have a nice day,

Everything qbus did wasn’t his work. Same with 5M servers. Both sell a server packing claiming it’s there work. They don’t sell it on tebex for a reason, cuz they steal code and change the ui and IP lock it.

Hey there,

thanks for the comments you’ve added. I do have some statements however for you as it seems like you are attacking my resource for no apparent reason.

  1. Our scripts are all non-encrypted and sold through Tebex as compliance on FiveM rules, i have no idea what you are on about.

  2. Full source code is written solely by me and only the minigames with the lockpick and safecracking is taken from github, if you need validity on that matter; i am more than happy to give to the appropriate people to make this judgement. In this case it’s FiveM mods/admins.

  3. All comments stated above will stay the same, as they are facts.

For some people maybe it’s hard to make a rectangular box and get the element data from inside while calling it through lua, but in my case i’ve been coding generally for the last 7 years. As for HTML thingies not as much, only 2 years as i am on University.

If you do want to accuse someone, at least do some basic research. It doesn’t take a lot to see if we sell our scripts through Tebex or not. I invested a lot of time making it cool also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards,

P.S: You can actually hop on into streams i do, tand see my work. :dancing_men:

work esx v1 final right ?

I was genuinely interested in purchasing however I think I’m going to pass. You need to chill out with your responses, half of what people are saying here isn’t an attack on you or your scripts. Someone needed help an was giving you feedback and I’m doing the same. Work on how you respond and act around others and you’ll gain more customers just on that alone.

Hey there,

Thanks for the response and for your comments.

I can give you the only possible response: “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Maybe a bad one but overall, exactly what I would like to express.

I don’t want to sound like a douche, but with 250 customers, I don’t feel like we are handling our support and comments in the wrong way except for the ones that attack us. I mean, if we indeed were “assholes”, I don’t think we would have customers re-buying new products.

Usually, a happy customer will never go through the process and leave a comment on a forum, just a plain hustle and understandably. So pretty much here, you will get underwhelmed because of only a nasty comment or two.

In the case above, we really believe it was a targeted attack. Still, even through that, we take criticism very seriously. I accept the fact that we had a “vulnerable” area in terms of understanding downloading a resource, so after that, we went ahead and re-done the whole process, so it is done automatically without any assistance from our side while assuring that you as a customer WILL get all the support you need and updated versions if you find any bugs in the future.

We do that since we update daily; when you have 100 servers testing a resource to its limits to break it, you should be able to find something you’ve never thought about :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, as I stated above and not only directing this to you. Before you do purchase anything, not just from us; Do some research. I mean, you do spend money at the end of the day. It isn’t hard to justify arrogant people with real people who devote a lot of their time to perfecting every single detail from a coding perspective to a tutorial perspective. In my case, we feel “attacked” if we actually chatted, explained to you, but you go ahead and post non-sense to downgrade the resource.

Well, that’s it, sorry for the long post. Have a nice day, my dude, and stay safe! :heart:

Best Regards,

As far as I know, you have to provide direct link to your resource after the purchase.

Not to a video. That forces you to join your Discord.

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I’ll have a look and make sure, main goal was to keep updates always on point (even for customers who bought it on day 1) as there is no way to do that from the site and updates do happen very frequently as you could see from the changelogs in github.

Best Regards,

Then use version check through server console like any other dev. Problem solved.

I payed for your script, not an invitation to another Discord.

On the other hand, I really like the script so far. Nicely done!

Buyers must receive the download upon purchase, this does not mean requiring to join a discord guild.

Flag after

Is there anyway to specify a shopkeeper personality to always spawn at one location, rather than rotate?

If your script works with the bt-target script, that would be great.

You mean have a specific shopkeeper at a specific shop?


i can provide support for that. It is simple to integrate one to another.

I’ll have a look into today. Might just add it as a feature into the config.

Best Regards,

Yeah rather than given a random one. So you can have a bank manager spawn in a bank with always 50% chance to give Key Code over. It would be weird having a Bank Manager spawn in a 24/7 shop so I cannot put the model in the rotation.

Can anyone give a real review of the product? Sucks to read 50 comments about NONSENSE when I just want to know if people are haveing a good expeience and if I should buy this.

Hey Schtooping,

we do understand from our end that people usually don’t ever post any comments and especially if they are satisfied, usually people will only post if they have a negative experience.

I can tell you that more than 100 users have purchased this resource.

As for unbiased reviews your best bet would be joining our support guild and reading there. Usually they leave some reviews there in case they have some issues and need our help or guidance on installing it.

If you have any further questions about the resource feel free to reply here or even write me on private.

Best Regards,

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Hello :slight_smile:
How would add a way for players to also be able to have a chance to receive an item out of the safe as well as money?

Love the resource :slight_smile: