[STANDALONE] [Release] TrashMaster JOB

Hey there,

I’ve been working on my custom framework and i wanted to share the first job that i have made!

Updates will be pushed to GitHub!

  • Start the job (Marker)

  • You are spawned in the truck

  • Coords are set

  • Drive to the coords and collect the trash

  • Drive to the other dumpster and collect it too

  • Choose if you want to continue working or return to the base

  • You are awarded

This Job is made for my framework so the awards are EP, in the next update there is going to be ESX support!

Github: TrashMaster Download







Looks good!

But…if it’s on github… why* keep it in a .rar file? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Updatingg, right now :smiley:

Thanks for your contribution to the community, A preview video would be good to see what i’d be downloading, overall good resource <3

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There is a preview :slight_smile:

There’s literally a video in the last line. :rofl:

Anyway. Nice resource. Can’t wait for the ESX version. May also be cool to insert a trash bag prop in the truck every time you do a pickup to make it more realistic. Seems weird grabbing trash from a bunch of buildings only to return back to base with an empty truck.

Good job dude! Keep em’ coming.

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Thanks bro!

Maybe i will upload the ESX version tommorow, i only need to implemend the esx add money and its done actually😃

I will make something like, AttachEntityToVehicle or something like that👌

Oops, sorry my bad my eyes are getting a bit old xD


No problems, everyone misses something everyday soo​:smiley::ok_hand:

dobra rabota @Twisteraa

Благодаря! Thanks for the Bulgarian support too! I will upload multi lang version soon :slight_smile:

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If you want to use Bulgarian, you just need to remove these “–” before the bulgarian translation and add them to the English translation!

Updated Blip name from: Trashmaster to Trashmaster Job



  • Add ESX Support

  • Add objects to the vehicle when you get the trash from the location

  • Check if spawn area is clear, if it is then spawn the truck, if it’s not return message to wait

:clap: :clap: NICE!!! THANK YOU!!!

Apologies in advance, I did not use your code as intended… I changed it into a drug air-trafficking job with drop offs and pick ups at my rando airports. :metal: :metal: I’m such a noob at writing server code so this never would have been possible by myself.

Now testing some additional functions like task_plane_chase just to make it interesting.

A non-esx job like this doesn’t exist out there so thank you! Happy to share with you to re-post if you’re interested. :metal: :handshake: :airplane:

Your idea is wayyy cooler, if you want to upload it go for it, but please add credits :slightly_smiling_face: Would love to use your edited version in my custom framework!

If you have any suggestions please open an issue ticket in github!


Added 3 more locations for dumps

Truck spawns everytime with trash in the back



  • Add ESX Support

  • Check if spawn area is clear, if it is then spawn the truck, if it’s not return message to wait!

Nice job

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Thank you mate, i will be releasing new script soon :slight_smile:

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Here you are! Not sure I should re-release seeing as though I didn’t change much if any of your code? Just edited and removed a few lines.

Should point out these changes were made prior to your last iteration.

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Great job, sir!

I will give it a go

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Just so it’s easier to find for others:

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