[Standalone][Release] Nekix Notify System

👋Hello everyone, I present my new script

🗣This is my Notify System for your servers


  • The sale of this script is not allowed
  • You can use and modify it freely
  • Script supported


Notify TYPES are: "normal" // "correct" // "error" // "info"

Characteristics --> type: STRING // title: STRING // msg: STRING // time: INT (ms) // bar: BOOLEAN (true or false) // bar_value: INT (percentage of width of progressbar)

TriggerClientEvent('nek_notify:createTimerNotificaction', type, title, msg, time, bar, bar_value)

TriggerClientEvent('nek_notify:createNotificaction', type, title, msg, bar, bar_value)


TriggerClientEvent('nek_notify:updateProgressBar', bar_value)

💻Link Video Demostration --> YouTube



I like this :smiley:

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Thanks :grinning:

nice work

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thanks man!

Looks extremely good :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it make sense to use the notification type of “success” as this is universal? Rather than correct.

Also exports.

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OMG of Course! So sorry but when i was programming the script i remember the Word correct. So sorry, i will change it!

Thanks Man:D

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nice work nekix :3

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