[Standalone Release] Door Locks

is there a SSPD you have to use for it?

The door v_ilev_ph_cellgate does not work for some reason. Not sure why. I haven’t been having issues with any other doors. And before someone asks, yes, the entity coordinates are correct Any ideas?

Hello i recently added this script to my server and i wasn’t sure if i have to add the step 3. in my server.cfg can someone please help me

Did you ever figure this out? I’m curious as well, because some of my custom MLO’s dont have identifying hash’s

How would I go about finding the custom door name if I’ve imported a custom MLO? Would I have to try to select it in CodeWalker? What file type would I be specifically looking for?

if you have openiv open up all the files and look for a single door. once you find it copy the door name and paste it into the config and then input all the coords which that door is used at.

hey, is there a way when the doors are locked the doors would reset to their original position and not just freeze instantly or is that not possible.

How do you do the Ace Perms for this script?

Nice Necro, it’s been almost 4 Years xD
You should probably look for a newer and better script, because this one is abandoned, but this is the ace perm, literally just google “How to add Ace perms FiveM”…

add_ace mDoorLocks.allow allow

I installed the script and i believe I set it up properly. but still I’m able to walk through the door I checked which was correct through openiv and I can still walk through it even if its locked! can someone help?