[Standalone | Redem:RP | QBR ] endless_identity - Unique flow for your server

Cost: 30€ excl. VAT
Tebex URL: https://store.endless-studio.net/package/5159808

This script is plug & play for these frameworks: redem_roleplay, qbr-core


We would like you to introduce our first script release on RedM!

Better flow for you RedM server!
The first impression of your server flow (loading) is the most important key of the server.
This is not only identity script, but an entire system handling player load on the server, with dynamic scenarios & weather.

Our script is complete replacement for redem_identity / qbr-multicharacter.


  • Dynamic time & weather for each session(could be changed)
  • Dynamic locations for each session (could be extended with own locations)
  • Proper loading on the server, not any random spawn locations
  • Registration form with proper validation of input
  • Player ped is not going to be changed, when you die. (persistent-peds)
  • Option to change the total amount of player characters (max-limit)
  • Cool RDR design, that is going to fit your server
  • Every session is instanced (functional without onesync)
  • Option to logout into charselect (can be used for housing system /logout)
  • No more issues with not loaded ped & characters.

Additional informations

  • If you are using endless_charcreator (not_released) its going to be hooked automaticaly with our identity script.
  • If you are using qbr-spawn, its going to be used for spawning UI (could be disabled) and use integrated simple spawn system.
  • If you are using redemrp_respawn, its going to be used for player spawning after register.
  • If you are using redem_roleplay, you need to ALTER table for your characters table (check our installation guide)


We know how important it to is be able to hook identity script with own scripts and be able to listen for specific actions.

Docs URL - https://endless-store.gitbook.io/docs/endless_identity

We have tested this script on clean redem_roleplay server, if you found yourself lost with installation lets us know.

Used stack React, Lua
Code is accessible No (Escrowed with API)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1k ±
Requirements oxmysql, MenuV (included)
Support Yes


Snow location.

Second location with fixed player camera to the player.

Upcoming releases / teasers

  • endless_charcreator - Standalon unique charcreator for your RedM server!
  • endless_job - Standalone unique faction system for your server!

A++ Great support and works out of the box! Looking forward to more releases!

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