Standalone/QBCore photoshoot script

FiveM/QBCore photoshoot script

Standalone/QBCore script for taking screenshots by using custom cameras and some cool animations.

:bangbang: Qb users read this :bangbang:

For now the only way to hide qb-hud is stopping the resource by setting HideHUD to true, once the HUD can be hidden without disabling the resource, will fix this problem.

A good workaround is not stopping qb-hud and enabling cinematic mode using /menu

Preview video

Preview video


  • Very customizable, to the point where you can make photoshoot studios anywhere

  • Built in menu for different camera options

  • Place cameras anywhere

  • Screenshots uploaded straight to Imgur

  • Links saved in MySQL database

Requirements (QBCore already includes these)

  • Screenshot-basic

  • Oxmysql

  • MenuV

  • As recent game build as possible - sv_enforceGameBuild 2545 in server.cfg


  1. Clone the repository

  2. Add this script to your server.cfg file → ensure hiype-photoshoot


Find the camera blip on the map and enter the elevator.



Once there, go up the elevator and press E to start a photoshoot.


From there you can change camera settings in the menu.


where can i change to my imgur profile to save?

You can’t, it uploads anonymously and links are saved to database so I don’t really see a reason for doing it.

since i got this i cant get rid off this ingame

@Gibbs39 My resource doesn’t have those kinds of HUD elements, so it is most likely another resource.

thanks i thought it had sorry for my question