[STANDALONE] Psychosis

Cool script!

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hey any way to put that on someone like if i want to drug one of my player :smiley: ?
like a command /psych (idnumber) or /nearpsych ?
PS : it’s amazing thx bud

Yea, that is possible.
I can help you with that

Any way that I can come in contact with you more easily? Maybe on Discord?

hey yup
un_loup_uwu on discord mate

is it possible to put in an export, so i can trigger it with ox_inventory, maybe if soneone uses lsd or such drugs?

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Can u explain, how?

Contact me on my Discord, I am on vacation atm. :smirk:

Heya! Would you be able to contact me on discord to help me also configure commands for nearby players to drug them, my discord is itzelo
I really appericate it!