[Standalone] Pool/Billiards for your server!

Cost: €45.00 | $55.00 excl. VAT
Tebex URL: https://store.rcore.cz/package/4342929

Take a break from chaotic Los Santos shenanigans and play some old school pool with your friends.

This script supports any number of players, anywhere on the map where you can find a billiards table. You can also place your own pool tables wherever you want.

Almost everyone uses a bit different pool rules, so this script doesn’t restrict you to any ruleset. You can reset the game anytime, play ball-in-hand (so you can place ball anywhere) wherever you want. To prevent players from cheating, you must watch the game and stop them from doing so.

Whenever a ball is pocketed or player takes the ball in hand, everyone around the table receives a notification (Player has picked up the ball/what ball was pocketed.)

You can change keybinds or language in config file.

Get Pool/Billiards on your server TODAY over at our Tebex store - https://store.rcore.cz/package/4342929

Pool Features

  • Works on every server (esx/qbcore/vrp/anything)
  • Straight pool or 8 ball
  • All pool tables anywhere work
  • Anyone can play
  • Fully multiplayer synced
  • Full sound support - balls colliding, balls being pocketed, balls bouncing off of cushions
  • Uses WarMenu (included), but you can easily use your own menu system
  • Uses native notifications, but can easily be configured to your server’s notification system

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You can play pool anywhere (La Tequila, Yellow Jack or any custom placed table anywhere), for instance in this Yacht Club - [Mapping] Yacht Club

Our favorite customer testimonial - PERPGamer

I have been around the FiveM “block” for a while now, getting different scripts with different amounts of help. The worst coming from a dev claiming to put amazing quality scripts. Compared to EVERY other FiveM dev I have came across/dealt with, these guys (and gals?) have been literally the BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER! (Special thanks to teb for being outstanding!)


nice script!

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most of your scripts are obfuscated isn’t that against the rules?

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We have started using Introducing Asset Escrow & Encryption for your resources on Tebex, not obfuscation :slight_smile:

We’re also opening the scripts up - pool has became a lot more editable with this release.

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Its good to see you guys are going to follow the CFX rules now.


It’s an awesome system! :slight_smile: Some of our releases have been using it for over a month now <3

This is an amazing script a lot of fun to be honest, worth the price, and very unique :slight_smile:

ok my question is how can i edit the script my way?

The sad part is that you can’t. They obfuscated it with PSU, which in my opinion is not the best way to sell a script. For those €45.00 everyone that buys the script should be able to edit the code to their desire, without needing to search for a deobfuscator (which doesn’t even exist yet) to edit the code. I understand there are some guys that leak this resources and stuff, but still, this ain’t the way to go with the normal customers. Just my 2 cents.

2nd edit: Also, just a thought, how can we know that there is no ‘hidden code’ inside the obfuscated code? There were some individuals that did this kind of things on the San Andreas Multiplayer community.

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R.I.P FiveM…

Yes, almost everything except physics/ball movement/camera work is editable. If there’s anything you’d like to edit, you can contact us and we can try to expose more logic :slight_smile:

there it is and if I want to edit it myself I can’t, what’s so stupid you’re paying more than 45€ and not being able to edit…

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We used to provide only obfuscated code, correct :slight_smile: But we recently switched to fivem’s official asset protection system.

If you do have a license, contact our support and we’ll migrate your license to this new system (we’ll soon be doing this automatically, but its not quick and easy thing to do for all customers)

See the editable_ files - all of that is not protected in any way :slight_smile:

you indeed can edit it to your liking :slight_smile: Only few files handling physics/ball movement are protected with fivem’s new asset escrowing feature

best feature I bought :heart_eyes:

To be honest, everything you need to edit you can edit unless you want to mess with the physics and all the other stuff which you don’t need to in any way.

Been using their pool for a long time and its solid!


Just uploaded an update the fixes few issues that cropped up recently :slight_smile:

wow cool script

We will buy it for sure this week-end

Great fun script with endless of roleplay scenarios! Works great in house shells as loaf housing provides.

Have had it for more than a year and has worked flawlessly!
These guys are the AAA studio for fivem scripts!