Today I’m releasing my first script in the forum which is FPS Booster.

  • The script gives a lot more FPS compared with what you lose which is almost nothing.


  • from 50% to 150% more FPS depends on your PC and the settings you’re using.
  • Fully customizable settings to suit everyone.
  • The ability to choose a custom keybind for every single player to activate and deactivate the script.
  • The ability to activate and deactivate the script easily in-game without leaving or reconnecting.
  • JSON data file saves the players’ settings for their convenience.
  • Very low performance consumption for both, the client-side and the server-side.




Code is accessible Only the UI files.
Subscription-based You can decide.
Lines (approximately) 500 + 575 CSS.
Requirements No Requirements.
Support Yes, Sure.
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Im confused, how does this work?

How can adding a script - increase FPS?

What do the on off switches do? ‘Effect 1’ and ‘Effect 2’ isnt very detailed

You can BARELY notice the decrease of the FAR details… that’s the base of the script besides some additional handlers to take care of you :wink:

Effect 1 creates a radius around you and completely hides almost everything out of this radius besides making many things around you blurry so it won’t have very sharp shadows instead of any shadows at all.

Effect 2 doesn’t do much actually, it works only in VERY specific times so you can just activate it and it’ll work whenever it can, it doesn’t consume your PC resources at all.

does this conflict at all with things like NVE?

I don’t think so, because I’m already using many files with high graphics-mod while recording the preview.

alright thank you, ill talk with my server about this.

Is there any difference in methods from:

Yep, this script hides almost everything you aren’t seeing, I actually didn’t try this but if it really makes difference and boosts your FPS I’ll probably add it to my script in the future.

Besides that the script is making you lose a lot of details in the game in order to get better performance, I don’t make you lose that much of details, you can control your settings.


Does this help with texture loss at all?

Ive seen somewhere but i cant find it, a script that allows a client to re-render their world without relogging, so would this be similar?

I have no idea about that because I’ve never met this issue before, but I guess that activating and re-activating the script would re-render the world.

I bought the script. If I open it in the game then I can no longer close the menu.

Well, you changed the script name ain’t right?

I havent changed the script name but I can not close the keybind menu :frowning: The top left button doesnt work (it shows me the text in my own language, maybe thats the problem that you are expecting the button text value in english?)

You can change the name to your own language in html/script.js:100 from Back to whatever your new key name.

Thank you now it closes but doesnt save at all which key I choosed. I did totally same as in the video but it still shows me to choose a keybind instead of the selected F4 button

as a customer - have you noticed a big FPS boost by using this?

If you had texture loss, was this a solution for it for you?

Yeah it gave me extra FPS not as much in the video, I got around 15-20 extra FPS so from 30 fps I got around 45-50 now.

Also you have to be careful as a server owner as if players set the slider to the minimum one it disables all the prop and they can rampage and shoot everyone. So I set this in the html file:

in the line 54: I set min=“35” instead of min=“0”

This case they can not cheat with that.

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Very good point! thank you!