[STANDALONE] [PAID] Props & Speed zones (Synced)

Synchronized Props & Speed zones

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No more unsynchronized objects in your FiveM server. This resource offers you simple setting up and configuration with a working synchronized prop and speed zone system. There is a friendly user interface which can be used by any player on the server.

Developer friendly, allowing you to write scripts as extension to this script. It’s standalone and tested on OneSync Legacy.

Research has shown that 25 placed objects (on our server full of resources) is the limit to keep objects synchronized, you can change your preferred limit in config.lua (tested on OneSync Legacy) Might there still be desync issues (for example with one of your own not-so-compatible scripts), we’ve created a command to delete desynced objects!

Does not include the custom props, these are available for a tenner elsewhere. You can contact us if you wish a link to the external party.



  • Configure props you wish to be place-able. (Or add add-on props)
  • Configure commands, hotkeys, buttons, blips and messages.
  • Configure your menu style and button text.
  • Place and remove props and speed zones made by you and other players.
  • Stand-alone.
  • Escrow protected.

Obtain the resource via our Tebex store

Direct → https://store.ea-rp.com/package/5087747
Homepage → https://store.ea-rp.com

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Code accessible Partially
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements None
Support Yes

cant lie this looks good lol

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Partially encrypted? What exactly is encrypted? But it doesn’t look bad!


These are encrypted so the script is not vulnerable to leaking. :slight_smile:

Hello, does this resource include exports? I want to integrate itwith our Livemap/Cad solution.

What functions do you want exported? You can contact us via “Support” on our store or CFX DM.

props included?

I cant find the cone with light on it. Its not included ?

No, these are from an external party. It’s listed in the thread as well. Maybe we will add a custom prop pack soon, good idea to include those in such a resource.