[Standalone][PAID] Portable Chairs

I cant get this script to start with the server.
I need to ensure it again after the server has started for it to work.

yeah im having the same issue

Did you ever update the script for if a player dies? :wink:

Hey, Love the menu! I am having trouble using as an item, have it as an inventory item but when I try to spawn nada. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

QBCore.Functions.CreateUseableItem(‘classicchair’, function(source)
TriggerClientEvent(‘chair:spawn2’, source)
local xPlayer = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayer(src)
TriggerClientEvent(‘QBCore:Notify’, src, {text = ‘Chair placed’, caption = ‘Take a Seat’}, ‘success’)

Im not sure how QB core coding works never looked at it

How to add it to other inventory items
Regardless of the inventory you use as long as you are triggering the natives specified in the config then you should be good to go, all it needs to do is trigger the event or command you set and it will spawn the chair.

Updated Khaoz Chairs
Now when someone is dead i.e has no health it will remove the prop, also I did some fixing with the code as I noticed there was some spelling mistakes that could of been having some issues.
We’ve also turned it into a FiveM Asset which means its easily updated and recognized throughout FiveM as a Asset on all servers.

Hey, i tried to redownload the script through the tebex e-mail, but shows this as followed: Something went wrong while processing that request - please report this bug to customer support. D:

This resource is not working, nothing happens when I ensure the file and do /chair1, its not even a suggested chat. How come the config is obscured as well? Help?

Resource is still not working? … Hello?

Should be sorted now. Unsure why the Config had those issues, I’ve checked over everything it should be fully working and fine now, Re-implementing the check for death and additional things in the upcoming week.

my purchased assets is still downloading the resource with an obscued config.