[Standalone][PAID] Portable Chairs

Portable Chairs

The name says it all, The ability to incorporate portable chairs into any script of your choice, for example could make this work with a inventory item that someone purchases. Its a VERY simple script I’ve done it, and really wanted to share it . the preview showcases it being incorporated into a Inventory. Chairs are sync and different colors. Updates will be included

Video Link

This script is completely customizable, to the commands, or functions your able to name them all whatever you’d like simple and easy!


Compatible Frameworks
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The script has documentation in the config explaining how you can incorporate it into your own scripts.

Feeling Lazy? You can buy the script
Purchase from Tebex Store ($7)


Vidéo please ? :slight_smile:

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Working on video for ya :slight_smile: Will be up in the next 20 min will tag you in a reply


Tag me

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@Blond_P @hollywoodiownu Its got a preview now, Its not that crazy of a script but its something :wink:

Great release. Thank you. I made some cool edits to mine

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Lol that’s pretty slick lol never thought about that but great work glad to see people coming up with other ways to incorporate it :grinning:

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With doing it this way I can link it to an item and on use it brings up the menu and i can use one char but have different emotes for sitting in the chair. Worked out very well

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I purchased your script and when I input the command nothing happens I opened the server config and its blank is this how the script comes @ItsKhaoz

I just tested it myself to replicate a customer downloading it, the download does include config.lua, I am unsure as to why your Config is not populating with anything be sure to double check your download, I’ve not had anyone report any issues with the config being empty on download. server.lua should be empty yes, but not config.lua

It’s interesting that you sold an incredibly simple plugin with no more than 15 lines of code in it for $5.

I’m unsure If you have the item image yet for the chair If not I can add it for everyone who intends to incorporate it into a Inventory system.

i just made that for it

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whenever we restart the server we have to restart the script manually so that it runs completely does anyone have a solution for this?

Awesome little script! When sitting on a chair and dying, the chair sticks to your body and won’t leave you even when standing it and running haha. Is there something you would recommend for a fix of this?

Yes I recommend putting a trigger when they die, regarding if they are dead.
Simply just trigger the function that removes the prop off them if they are dead. I can update the script with this if it seems a bit complicated.

Yes please!

i bought but it dosnt work. print say it trigger the corrent things but nothing happening…
Okey figured out. Somehow the config function startTriggers() dosnt work. you need tigger separatly

same thing