[STANDALONE] [PAID] EasyFishing - Fun, simple fishing!

New Script Release - EasyFishing

We have finally released our first script, EasyFishing!
EasyFishing is a fun, simple fishing script that allows you to catch, and sell fish! It is super configurable and, whilst it is standalone by default, it can be adapted to any framework you can imagine with functions that you can edit.

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Price: £10

Showcase: [STANDALONE] EasyFishing - FiveM Fishing Resource - YouTube

Documentation: 1.1.0 (latest) | Prime Mods Docs


  • Simple, yet fun fishing minigame.
  • Customisable fish names, models, catch time, sell price, weight, and more.
  • Customisable shops, and sell places.
  • Customisable Discord webhook integration.
  • Customisable key-binds
  • Customisable item check, pay-out, purchase, and illegal fish functions, that can be adapted to any framework.

NOTE: This script is standalone, and escrow encrypted.


Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements None.
Support Yes

This is awesome! Finally a standalone!


  • Fixed bug with granting the incorrect bait when purchasing bait.
  • Optimisations to custom UI images.
  • Added "customSubheading " field to shops.
  • Added “customMessage” field to products.
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