[STANDALONE] [PAID] Complete Casino System (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Horse race, Lucky wheel, Slots)

what do you mean?

The purchase button cannot be clicked

try changing browser/device or clear your browser cache

Does the casino product I purchased come with a bonus map that I can use?

it comes with an IPL by default, but there’s also the free map available on there The Diamond Casino Enterable MLO


Fixed lucky wheel problems
Fixed animated wall
Fixed identifier error in standalone
Fixed RageUI & lvc conflicts (hopefully)
Fixed slot machines not syncing properly (still need some improvements to look better)
Improved lucky wheel player animation
Improved daily bonus date check
Improved luckywheel date check
Reworked lucky wheel probability math (now is very hard to get prizes with less probability)
Optimized server side
Added vip system
Added bartender
Added debug if you do something wrong in config
Added possibility to spin lucky wheel with an item
Added lucky wheel flashing lights after spinning
Added configurable death check

Can I customize the bet amount to 50 million?

sure, check config of the game you want and edit MaxBet value :slight_smile:



Great system! It would be great if the maximum bet could be limited in the Insidetrack game

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Our Server recently picked this up, quite a fun resource, would love to see time added to the webhooks for easier admin overview of when events have occurred, max bet for Inside Track and possibly options for win probability on things like slots?

Nice resource.

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Perhaps also the option for VIP Members to have a separate max bet amount so theres another reason to buy VIP?

hey, insidetrack & lucky wheel is being reworked actually, I will add also configurable win probabilities for each game when rework is done! vip members actually can just get a daily chips bonus but there will be some game tables reserved only to vips with higher bets soon :smiley:

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Hey, that’s great to hear, will this be a free update, paid upgrade to new version or separate version with new price once completed?

All additions would be welcome that have been listed, maybe perhaps also some preconfigured Ambient NPC options, say a small amount, medium and large for those that don’t want to set them up manually would also be good.

yeah of course will be a free update! and there will be also default configurations for ambient npcs :smile:

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Fixed all reported problems
Removed nh-context compatibility
Replaced RageUI default menu with our custom made one
Replaced custom bet input menu with our custom made one
Replaced default fivem help interactions with our custom made one
All interactions are now working trough keymappings
Optimized code as best possible


Fixed insidetrack errors
Fixed luckywheel errors
Fixed bartender issues