[STANDALONE] [PAID] Complete Casino System (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Horse race, Lucky wheel, Slots)

Hi, if you was having the trial it was removed from all people because of some problems with tebex subscriptions

I had it when you gave it away for free

I never gave it for free :sweat_smile:, open a ticket on discord please


I can’t help you on there, open a ticket on discord, thanks!

Edit: Was the trial version that doesn’t exist anymore.


Fixed “societyHandler” error
Fixed query error on the first startup
Improved lucky wheel animations
Added ox_target and qb-target support
Added lucky wheel base prop support for custom maps (NEW custom_luckywheel_spawnbase variable)
Added minimum and max bet to blackjack config since it was missing
Added new translation “casino_boss”
Now ox_lib context is working with boss menu
Removed markers option from casino
Optimized blackjack loops
Optimized poker loops
Removed junk code

From today the casino is fully compatible with qtarget, qb-target, ox_target in every game :slightly_smiling_face:


Fixed blackjack client errors
Fixed a lucky wheel problem
Now lucky wheel probability have only numbers from 1 to 100
Added target support for cashier
Added new translation for cashier target “cashier_target”
Other minor fix


Added give keys function in config
Fixed some lucky wheel issues
Fixed incorrect money displayed in sell chips notification
Fixed that if you play an animation when playing slots/insidetrack/blackjack you can walk away
Replaced help text controls with button scaleforms that looks way better
Added a new config where you can customize controls for each game
Added custom bet option to blackjack
Removed callback functions in bridge files
Added Framework.CanCarryItem function in server side bridge files
Callbacks are now standalone integrated on the script
Lucky wheel spin money now goes into casino society
Optimized scaleform loops
Fixed important cashier money bug when changing chips prices
Edited “society_negative” translation text
Some changes to blackjack code


Added new map preset for https://forum.cfx.re/t/the-diamond-casino-enterable-mlo/
Fixed a insidetrack chips bug
Fixed cashier target too far in some maps
Other minor fixes

I Need Help!

hey please open a ticket in discord so I can help you! :slight_smile:


Fixed all reported target issues
Fixed flickering scaleforms
Fixed roulette with target not working in some maps
Fixed poker with target not working in some maps
Improved reset daily spin in config (now works only with hours)
Improved some code

Can you adjust the multiplier? It’s too easy for players to win money

I will check that, but currently is random, I’ll probably make a config option for each game with the win chance


Fixed wheel vehicle not giving in QBCore
Fixed esx_menu_default errors
Fixed a lucky wheel error that appear barely times
Added plate configuration for lucky wheel won vehicle (plate space, numbers, letters)
Added Decrease Bet button in slot machines
Added Reset Bet button in slot machines
Fixed some daily spin issues in lucky wheel
Other small improvements

How do I get the script to work with the ipll?


Fixed cashier exploits
Fixed map type 5 problems
“Players not able to talk while playing” should be fixed now
Added MenuDefaultAlign in esx bridge
Added daily bonus in cashier
Added logs for lucky wheel, slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, insidetrack, cashier, boss menu (webhooks file)
Chips are now refreshed if you get them by command or player (Only ESX actually, you can put your own event in bridge files for QBCore if you have)
All default maps coords can now be edited (default_maps file)
The script is now storing data in json instead of database (current_data folder)
Optimized even more

Coming Soon:
Text UI support
Multiplayer insidetrack
Vip System

IMPORTANT keep your new current_data folder in next updates to not lose anything!





Note that such type of discounts may not happen again in future

i can’t buy it don’t know why no respond