[Standalone] [PAID] Casino Roulette - DEPRECATED version 1.0

How do I get the item to bet?
Don’t have SQL?

You can set it in the server lua files.
It is at the top in the file.

You just edit the removechips, etc. for your item variables. Why would i setup a different items with mysql?

Worth every cent. Well done!

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You got it wrong, where or how do I get the chips to bet?

We are working on the documentation website also, you can find it on our Tebex website.

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Could someone give some feed back of what they think of the script after testing it out? Like performance, smoothness ect? Looking to buy but I seeing some comments about performance issues.

Where do we find the update?

How do I get this to work in 1604 build and esx 1.1?

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ESX = nil

        ESX = obj

function getPlayerChips(source)
    local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
    if xPlayer then
        return xPlayer.getInventoryItem('zetony').count
        return 0

function giveChips(source, amount)
    local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
    if xPlayer then
        xPlayer.addInventoryItem('zetony', amount)

function removeChips(source, amount)
    local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
    if xPlayer then
        xPlayer.removeInventoryItem('zetony', amount)

Hi, can several players play together at the same time? Which casino is it?

We used the default GTA casino.
There are many Casino MLOs, but if i know it well, the GetClosestObject native not working properly on the MLO table objects. Maybe need to change the object flags in the mlo or something, i have no experience further in that. :confused:

Yeah, you can put many tables, and play on each etc.

My Mediafire link does not work from your Tebex Store. I have been trying to download my package for 24 hours. Sent 2 emails… please advise.

Changing the location dosen’t work, anyone know how to do it?

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i love you, thanlks bro, other thins i have a issue with a constantly soound when i sit

The script is encrypted even though it says it’s not.
Even the old versions.

Its because of the other casino script. I am assuming you have the Blackjack script, that one resets the gta drawnotification native, thats why it keeps beeping.
You should reduce the chair distance checker in the blackjack resource.

There is only 10-15 lines in the encrypted clientside file.
All of the server files, and the main client file is visible.

I do not know what kind of folder did you open, but i think you are in the wrong resource folder. ^^ :smiley:

The script is not encrypted, i uploaded it as we use it on our server, but of course i added some comments and the english translation to it, to understand whats going on.
=> “ThErE arE OnLy SoMe fIleS eNCRYpTeD”

If you say nothing is encrypted, nothing should be encrypted.

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