I have been asked to releease a standalone plugin: AVF-Autopilot. Its a standalone resource, cut away from the AVF-Original which includes all AVF plugins. Standalone autopilot is for those who do not want any other AVF features. Plugin is not encrypted and you may edit it to your own needs. Its not recommended to combine standalone AVF plugins. For best performance and compatibility use AVF-Original. All AVF plugins can be found here or in AVF-Original.

Basic video showcase

Get it at my Tebex.


  • Tesla like autopilot to your last gps waypoint

  • Set your own speed limit

  • Auto brake before vehicles and pedestrians
    (Also honks at them)

  • Set your own driving style
    (Currently supports 3 driving styles. You can manually add more.)

    • Follows traffic rules and laws, uses blinkers and stops at stop lights
    • Ignores most traffic rules and laws, still drives like a normal car, trying to keep it safe. A bit more agressive. Ignores traffic lights.
    • Police wander mode, wanders around at the set speed limit. Police officers can just sit back and relax. Follows traffic laws and rules. Can be restricted to police officers only or can be enabled for everyone.
  • Auto stop at destination
    (Vehicle brakes until it comes to a full stop.)

  • Autopilot sound and visual notifications
    (Supports Mythic and Pnotify)

  • Easily enable/disable autopilot via keybind
    (Via keybind or take over steering wheel in critical situations, disabling the autopilot)

  • Dead mans switch
    (Vehicle will alert the driver by a sound notification to press a pedal. If not pressed, autopilot will stop the vehicle, shutting itself off.)

  • Toggle between agressive and normal mode
    (Agressive mode will be prone to overtaking vehicles more, ignoring more traffic laws, but is less safe. Use on highways or at safe speeds.)

  • Whitelist entire vehicle classes to be able to use the autopilot or just individual vehicles

  • Police wander mode
    (wanders around at the set speed limit. Police officers can just sit back and relax. Follows traffic laws and rules. Can be restricted to police officers only or can be enabled for everyone.)

  • Everything is customizable

  • Easy to use, dummy proof

  • Optimalized

My other publicly listed work :

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vmenu did it first


I can vouch for this script. I own AVF that has the same features + more. The auto-drive is definitely my favorite part of that script. It’s basically like owning a Tesla that can you set to aggressive. :rofl:

Well worth the asking price.

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This looks DOPE! Well done

:hotdog: Are You Sure About That? :hotdog:

Sure it did. I do not argue. Never used it personally, not sure if it has all of the “features” as this plugin has. If it does, feel free to correct me. Also, a lot of EU servers do not use vMenu in a way where any player can access it. Its usually just for admins and has restricted options. So I would see a gap where it could be used just fine and thats the gap what this is focused on. Anyways, thank you for your feedback

all good, i was just making a joke lol

this is crip is old and it looks like your coppy!

Not sue what do you mean by old, but this is just a standalone version from AVF-Original. Its for those who do not need anything else, so they do not have to buy AVF-Original

Hey, so I am looking this over and I’m interested in purchasing, however is there an ability to designate this system to certain cars? I would love to see that ability.

Hi, there is, it can be done via config file c:
Are you interested only in the autopilot?

Yes, I am looking for an autopilot that has functionality.

Do you have a screenshot of what some of the config file looks like?

So I purchased but the download link isnt working. I will wait to see what happens :smiley:

I have no idea why people have problem downloading it via tebex. You are not alone. Use one of the contact methods at my tebex page or go and try the link again (for some reason it works some times, some times it does not, that was reported) Sorry for the inconvenience