[Standalone] OxMySQL - Lightweight MySQL wrapper

that really waste time.

You didn’t build resource. You probably downloaded source code instead of release version.

Try adjusting connectTimeout to some higher value by adding to connection string. Afaik this issue can be only reproduced on very low performance servers.

i already downloaded the release version , cmd still print it , but 1.7 is full working

Then it may be your connection string. Run ensure oxmysql command and will show you output error. Also I recommend to put oxmysql as dependency into other resource fxmanifest so it won’t start without oxmysql.

i dont understand add to connection string ? can you explain this ?

oh i see , After i edit the mysql_connection_string , 1.8.0 fully working , thanks for help

After about 2 or 3 hours of using oxmysql on the server, The script does not stop but does not execute any queries until i restart the script

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