[Standalone] OxMySQL - Lightweight MySQL wrapper

I need to know why this happens, what do I have to do

Remove both configuration options as stated in error

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thx, He was removed

Everything the overextended team does is great


Hello I have an error that I cannot resolve

[ c-scripting-core] Creating script environments for oxmysql
[ script:oxmysql] Error loading script oxmysql.js in resource oxmysql: Error: Set up mysql_connection_string in correct format - ‘mysql://user:[email protected]/database’
[ script:oxmysql] stack:
[ script:oxmysql] Error: Set up mysql_connection_string in correct format - ‘mysql://user:[email protected]/database’
[ script:oxmysql] at @oxmysql/oxmysql.js:1:369548
[ script:oxmysql] at Object.9950 (@oxmysql/oxmysql.js:1:369907)
[ script:oxmysql] at n (@oxmysql/oxmysql.js:1:464577)
[ script:oxmysql] at @oxmysql/oxmysql.js:1:464830
[ script:oxmysql] at @oxmysql/oxmysql.js:1:464839
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script oxmysql.js.
[ citizen-server-impl] Started resource oxmysql

Please read the error and consider what you’re doing wrong. If you really can’t figure it out provide the relevant information that it mentions.

Hello, I have fresh server with oxinventory and default LEGACY.
Getting this error:

Dear all

can anyone help me with this problem i can’t figure it out

plss help

Authorisation issue resulting in a refused connection. Check ip, port, user, password; if it’s all correct then try the other connection string style.

If your server hangs while starting it can result in the connection timing out (lot of custom assets can do that).

in the string or in the oxmysql.js

im new at scripting wonderin if using a database is complicated

My result is that is due to renzu_vehicleshop

i cant get the connection string to want to work, i cant tell what im doing wrong but the string worked fine my mysql-async

this fixed my problem, if you have the same issue as me youre probably using a database with no password, this will fix it

When i update the latest version my cmd print this

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this happen sometime when first time load server

yeah just restart it few times

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that really waste time.