[Standalone] OxMySQL - Lightweight MySQL wrapper

Thanks <3 so its only install and thats it :slight_smile:

I will soon edit post to be more specific about latest release and mostly about upcoming v2.0.0 because right now it is a bit outdated.

V2 will also introduce advanced debugging features and mostly UI.

As always if any issue occurs post it on github.

Why you change from “exports.oxmysql” to “MySQL.Async” or “MySQL.Sync” ?

This need alot of work for change

Use the included mysql lib.

You mean, in fxmanifest file add this?

server_scripts {


If i have scripts with older exports, if i put @oxmysql/lib/MySQL.lua on fxmanifest.lua will work ?

hi i am having a error of no such export is fetch and fetchSync can someone help me to solve this issue

Hello, they have been deprecated.

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Good afternoon, I can’t replace such a construction, is it possible to get rid of the Async script? construction examples are as follows

Async.parallel(asyncTasks, function(results)

If you want to see an example how to execute query with multiple values.

Refer to es_extended/functions.lua at e544d03eaa81ffc943d7d63a8714c247dd1088a6 · overextended/es_extended · GitHub